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The Shroud of Turin Updates

We would like to wish you a very Blessed & Happy Easter!

Every year at Easter, we have time to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus and what it means to us in our lives today.

As the late great Billy Graham said about the resurrection of Jesus:

"Christ has risen from the dead! And because He lives, we who know Him shall live also. In the resurrection, Jesus Christ conquered sin and death and is alive forevermore.

All over the world, churches are filled with worshippers because there is an empty tomb in Jerusalem."

But it's very possible that the whole event of the resurrection is still a mystery to us and it may be hard to believe that it ACTUALLY happened.

Incredibly, we have the most studied relic in the history of humanity to show us and guide us into the realization that the resurrection physically happened and Jesus REALLY DID overcome death for all of us.

That relic is the Shroud of Turin.

In our first talk (Easter is for Real) we talked about the Shroud as one piece of evidence that the resurrection REALLY happened.

If you haven't listened yet, please take some time to listen to the talk first,

Easter Is For Real, ,then if you want here are some great links to get you started....

Shroud of Turin Links & Resources 2018


This is a straight forward introduction to The Shroud of Turin which includes recent updates and discoveries.


This is a very detailed study about the history of the shroud from the 600's AD that refutes the commonly announced carbon dating origin of the Shroud as 1250 AD.

This also contains more details not presented in other documentaries.


This is a very detailed research of the images on the shroud.

It uses very precise scientific terms making it a bit to difficult to follow for those of us who are not scientists, but it's very informative.

Overall it shows the crown of thorns, the "Tefillin Box" (Jewish scripture box with straps that were worn on the head and hand), nails in the hands and feet, belt and other details.


Shroud of Turin Hologram reveals secret End Times Message.

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