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For almost 10 years I was teaching a basic Bible class to learners of English. I have a large collection of  classes. The format and original intent of the classes was different, so I am in the process of updating them. Although the studies are simple and mostly short, there are lots of links to other web sources for further study (these are all in blue print ). So, you can choose how deep you want to dig in to the topic.

If you cannot open the study you want to look at from the images below, click on the menu bar above to go directly to the study.

The Bible tells us: 2Ti 2:15 (Modern King James Version)  Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

My earnest prayer is that through these studies you will better understand who we are as God's children, who God is and how we can connect with Him!


Welcome to the Bible Studies


Mark 9:49-50 For every one shall be salted with fire


Did you know that God has a JIT (Just-in-Time) system better than any business model!


June 2022 is the official celebration of Queen Elizabeth's platinum Jubilee. But, what is a 'Jubilee'?


A look at how two of Jesus' followers were able to overcome their great disappointment and regain trust.


In our daily lives we rely on or trust in  many things. How does that relate to trust in God?


Yes, its easy to accuse others when they 'did it!' But, is that the best thing to do for both ourselves and them?


A study on the origin of the English word 'Easter' and the true meaning of Easter

Origin of the phrase, Ukraine, Slavery and future hope


In ancient cultures animal were sacrificed to take away the guilt of the people.

Connecting The Good Samaritan to 'Forgive us our Debts'


One of the most quoted and used parables from Jesus, but who was the good Samaritan?


This phrase from history marked the end of an Empire, but how does that relate to our world today?

He said,"These current events are just signs of the Times!" I wonder what he meant?

To accept others we first need to forgive them. A True account from the Fiji Islands


'I'm Speechless!' Just savor the moment and slowly embrace it!

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An Introduction to the English Language King James Bible