A Down to Earth Conversation About This Journey We're All On Together Called Life...


April 6, 2018

This older gentlemen gives a powerful presentation and showing of the Shroud.


March 30, 2018

We would like to wish you a very Blessed & Happy Easter!

Every year at Easter, we have time to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus and what it means to us in our lives today. 

As the late great Billy Graham said about the resurrection of Jesus:

"Christ has risen from the...

March 29, 2018

We explore the extraordinary events that happened during the days of the Resurrection of Jesus. We hear testimony from guest speakers and inspirational music that will inspire you to feel the reality of Easter.

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March 1, 2018

The Ascension is one of the Great Mysteries in the history of Human kind.

We attempt to bring this subject down to earth in a way that you can apply to your every day life.

This show speaks of how we have the Ultimate Advocate for our lives who defends us with His uncond...

July 6, 2017

It's easy to have peace when things are going well in our lives.

But Remaining at peace in the middle of our personal storms is a real and ongoing challenge.

This show finds ways for us to truly Find Rest in Our Personal Storms.

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June 1, 2017

Our third episode of “The Journey” is called “”From Myth to Reality”.
In this show we explore the many ways in which Jesus has been attacked in the media in recent years and supply many links that testify to Jesus’ true Historicity. We also take a deep look at why Jesu...

January 9, 2017

I wonder if you feel like us that we're getting tired of opening the main stream news channels with all the bad & negative news that brings you down?...

Try this News Channel for a change:


January 1, 2017

This YouTube Channel reminds us how to live in harmony with nature while having lots of fun at the same time!...

It features a bright and creative couple with a farm in Western Ireland... Featuring "Bob" the Old English Sheepdog, 2 horses, chickens, pigs, ponies and mor...

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